480Wellness Aims to Deliver Integrative Mental Health

1. Striving to understand the whole person. Understanding wellness and health is just as important as diagnosing and treating disease. Eliminating pain and suffering is mightily important. After accomplishing that, our goal for you is get you to a place of your finest mental health.

2. Shifting the dynamics of the relationship towards center. The days of the doctor telling the patient what to do are out the window. We’ve even done everything possible to even eliminate the word, patient, from our vocabularies. Our clients teach us something every single day in addition to us serving them. We practice what we preach so anything we recommend is something we would do ourselves under the circumstances.

3. The mind, body, spirit and environment work together in harmony. We will do everything possible to enhance our understanding of everything else going on in your life. Since our practice focuses on quality, not quantity, please be pleasantly surprised when we spend extra time trying to understand your roots, be it your relationships, upbringing, hopes, dreams and goals. There’s much more to it than a chemical imbalance.

4. We strive for balance, incorporating the wisdoms of Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine and other alternative and complementary approaches. President Eisenhower said, “The middle of the road is all of the usable surface. The extremes, right and left, are in the gutters.” There is great wisdom in Western Medicine and we do prescribe psychiatric medications. Sometimes people express limitations to this, and we help our clients by incorporating all tools available.

5. We respect a person’s natural aptitude and healing power. There is great healing in nature. It’s all around us and we train ourselves to appreciate and identify it when we can. We encourage natural, less risky, and minimally invasive treatments whenever possible.

6. Practicing respect and curiosity to scientific theories. All ideas and paradigms were unpopular when they were first introduced. Our goal is not to judge, but listen. Our practice is based on inclusiveness, not divisiveness. All perspectives have important points, and we use our scientific method and curiosity to tease through chaos and identify potential.

7. Prevention, Prevention, Prevention. Let’s not wait until the problem becomes chronic or a major problem. We offer pre-marital counseling and ongoing counseling to maintain your relationships. Let us help you elevate your goals and blossom as an individual. If you have waited a bit too long, don’t wait any longer. We want to be by your side.

8. Do no harm. Every intervention and non-intervention has an intended consequence and side-effect. Our goal is to mitigate those risks as humanely possible while giving you every opportunity to heal and succeed.

Why Psychiatry?