Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What does your clinic offer? 

A.) We offer you exclusive mental health services to help you feel great.  We are a private clinic and will do everything in our ability to make you feel respected and important. We are fully accountable to you, not insurance companies, large hospitals or other organizations. We are fully board-certified. Your information will always be private and confidential.


Q.) How much does it cost?

A.) We have three unique service options for different needs. We believe in transparency.

Your membership includes one session every month. A one time initiation fee applies, and this includes an extra 60 minute evaluation and  psychiatry specialist time at no extra cost to you. Our current members are scheduled as soon as possible, generally within 72 hours. You may cancel the membership any time. A re-initation fee is required if you decide to re-enroll, and enrollment is not guaranteed due to our very high demand.

If you believe your situation will not require frequent visits and not interested in therapy, you may be interested in paying as you go. This is a standard fee for service model. Our most current prices are listed under the "Pricing" Tab on our website.

Families who live in the same household may enroll in our unlimited program. Each family member who wishes to participate undergoes a private evaluation. Family therapy is available.  Initiation fees are waived, and you and your family have unlimited therapy and psychiatry services. You have all the benefits that our members have, and extra appointment fees are waived. Just like our members, you have priority scheduling. You may cancel any time.

Q.) What is integrative health? 

A.) Integrative health refers to delivering health care in a way that treats the whole person (not just the disease), emphasizing relationships (including the physician-patient or your personal relationships), curiosity and acceptance of complementary and alternative treatments, among many other factors. Please see our Blog or Facebook for more information!


Q.) Why should I Join your Practice?


  1. Our clients are our number 1 priority!
  2. Hassle-free, no frills and friendly!
  3. Personal cell-phone, email and text access with your doctor!
  4. We spend time with you and get to know you!
  5. Ultimate confidentiality and Privacy!
  6. Integrative Mental Health and Psychiatry!
  7. HIPPA compliant telehealth options available!
  8. We don’t share your information!
  9. A courteous and approachable environment!

Q.) What if I want to leave the practice?

A.) There is no obligation to remain in the practice and you can leave at any time. However, to prevent misuse of our program due to our low membership rates, and prevent abuses of people frequently cancelling and rejoining, there is a re-enrollment fee. Due to our high demand there is no guarantee of re-enrollment.


Q.) Do you accept insurance?

A.) We do not accept insurance. Being directly accountable to you, we spend the majority of our time being available and helpful! We are not held hostage by insurance telling us how many patients to see, or how to deliver care, or whether or not care will be covered. We also do not have to charge outrageous copays to try to recuperate our costs. You will pleasantly never receive a surprise bill from us.

Our goal is to provide speciality service at an affordable cost, and we introduced a membership model to be affordable for the entire community. Your information is always private because we don’t share your information with insurance companies. We are able to spend as much time with you and be more collaborative since we don’t have anybody telling us how many patients to see or how to deliver care.

We hope you will find us to be a superior choice and will do everything we can to earn your trust!


Q.) What is Telehealth?

A.) Telehealth is one of the benefits of our practice. As long as you have an internet connection (5 megabytes download, 1 megabyte upload) or cellular connection (4G preferred), you can virtually connect with us for appointments. Many of our clients travel for work or live in rural communities. Our service allows you to miss less time from work, travel less, and put more money into your pocket. People spend more time with their families, feel more productive and even reduce the environmental carbon footprint.  It is a win-win-win solution to many of our modern day challenges.


Q.) How do I know our conversations are secure?

A.) We partner with telehealth services that are HIPAA compliant and secure. We pay them a lot of money to ensure this happens, so we take your security very seriously.  In many ways, our Telehealth is more secure than in person visits because you can connect from the privacy of your own home or office, rather than sit in a public waiting room.


Q.) Can I see you in person?

A.) Of course. We are in Scottsdale, Arizona and Payson, Arizona, and rapidly growing!


Q.) How do you handle emergencies?

A.) Given the nature of our practice, if you are experiencing any thoughts of self harm or harm to others, we insist that you call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If you develop any suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or experience any other type of physical or mental health emergency during a session, we will follow best practice guidelines and the standard of care in the community. This generally involves collaboration with local hospitals, paramedics, fire, police or other emergency responders. 


Q.) What if I am interested in complementary, integrative or other alternative approaches?

A.) Great! So are we. Western, Allopathic or Osteopathic medicines are not the only way to treat illness or feel great. We will support you in a number of ways if you want other approaches. Some of our patients find healing through faith, spirituality, and other complementary ways. Whatever it is, we will listen and value your opinion.


Q.) Will you talk with my primary care provider?

A.) Yes! We will ask you to sign a release of information that allows us to speak with your other doctors. We encourage collaboration and communication.


Q.) Can you help with addiction treatment?

A.) As board certified psychiatrists, we have experience to help you with addiction. For example we can provide you therapy to help you with addiction. There are some medications we can prescribe to help reduce cravings, or help treat anxiety or depression. We do not prescribe opioid replacement or do residential treatment.


Q.) I live out of state. Can I still join the Practice?

A.) We can serve you if you live in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana and Utah. Ttelehealth laws require our providers to hold a license in the region where we serve, and at this time we are licensed in these five states.

We need reasonable proof of residency, or even part of the year residency in those states. For example we see snowbirds. So if you live part of the year in Wisconsin, and part of the year in Arizona, we can send your medications to a pharmacy in Arizona.

Telehealth is very useful for frequent travelers (like an airline worker), part-time residents and people on the go! 


Q.) Do you prescribe controlled substances?

A.) A “controlled substance” is a drug or pharmaceutical medicine that is controlled by the government. We will only prescribe these medications if they are medically necessary. Due to laws, and the risks associated with Telehealth, we require an in-person visit first.


Q.) Can you do a workman’s compensation or disability evaluation?

A.) Our expertise is in treatment, getting people better, and keeping people well. You might want to consider a doctor skilled with disability or workman’s comp claims to best suit these needs. Our focus is on treatment.


Q.) We need you to write letters or go to court for us. Can you help?

A.) It depends. Basic letters like support for a therapy pet, or letter that you are in treatment, can be done with your permission. Our expertise is in treatment, recovery and keeping you well, not testimony. If court appearances or expert-witness testimony is required, we may need to also obtain our legal counsel and of course this takes us away from our clients. If expert witness testimony and/or legal paperwork is requested we may charge you a fee for our time. The fee will be determined on a case by case basis. This is why as a general policy we do not routinely go to court for our clients. We encourage you to seek out legal help if indeed you find yourself in a legal conundrum.


Q.) What happens if I smoke cannabis?

A.) We will treat you with respect, just like any of our clients. Cannabis is a controlled substance, not everyone who has uses Cannabis is a substance abuser. Realistically, we also know that people who struggle with substance abuse use cannabis. You may expect us to explore why you use cannabis and utilize motivational interviewing skills as a technique to help you the best way we can. If you decide to use cannabis, we may explore if it is negatively impacting your life. We would do the same thing with other substances like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.  We will advise you to always be careful and never drive while using any substance. We do not advocate for, or encourage the use of cannabis, or any controlled substance.


Q.) What Ages do you treat? 

A.) We assist people of all ages.


Do you have additional questions? Please feel free to call or email us!