Why Psychiatry?

Choosing psychiatry was an easy decision for me. It was a specialty that placed great emphasis for understanding how human emotions, relationships, love and peace affected health and healing. Mental health seemed to make intuitive sense and also fit my personality.

During my training, I’ve been privileged with experiences working with veterans, families, working professionals and even refugees.

People will often ask me what is your specialty within psychiatry? For example, do you treat children or adults? Are you a schizophrenia expert? For me, my joys and philosophy is more about how the care is delivered.

Our philosophical scope and practice at 480Wellness is called integrative mental health and psychiatry. The term integrative refers to a set of core values that include treating the whole person (not just the disease), emphasizing relationships (including the physician-person relationship), curiosity and acceptance to complementary and alternative approaches, among many others.

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~ Dr. G